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Our Team

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Our Team

Dr Sophie Carr

Meet Sophie, founder of Bays Consulting.  She’s always liked playing with Lego which turned into a fascination with aeroplanes – and the start of her career.  After training as an engineer, Sophie gained a PhD in Bayesian Belief Networks and has worked in analytics ever since, or to put it another way Sophie has made a living out of finding patterns.  The only other important things to know are she prefers fresh coffee over tea, pears over apples and her favourite flower is the tulip.


Telephone: +44 (0) 7788 643751

Sam Watters

Here’s Sam, Head of Analytics at Bays Consulting.  A scientist at heart, Sam left the wet work in the labs behind after her chemistry PhD and entered the world of analytics.  Always one with an eye for detail and able to see the big picture relevance, Sam loves making sense of data.  You’ll have to be fast to keep up with her though, because Sam is always on the go; running here, driving there, and is at home in the great outdoors – unless you are offering a good spicy curry that is.

Abbie Jenkins

This is Abbie, Media and Communications Manager at Bays Consulting. From creating typographic images to producing short videos, Abbie brings her love for all things media to her work at Bays Consulting. She balances work with study at Sussex University where she is currently working towards a degree in Media Production. In her free time, she can be found listening to music, exercising, spending time outdoors or planning her next travel adventure!

Holly Jones

This is Holly, Data Scientist at Bays Consulting. After completing a master’s degree in Mathematics with Statistics she decided to join our micro consultancy to work closely with a range of different clients, helping them to find understanding in their data. Outside of work, you will find Holly in the gym, walking the mountains of North Wales and socialising with friends!

Sophie’s Latest Posts

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