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Sophie founded Bays Consulting in 2009 to share her enthusiasm that analysis is both fun and provides clarity. With in-depth experience of analytical, statistical and problem structuring techniques, Sophie supports clients by developing pragmatic and robust solutions.

Stating out with a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Applied Mathematics, Sophie gained momentum whilst working full time in the public sector by studying part time for a doctorate. It took eight years of combining work with study, but Sophie now holds a Phd in Bayesian Belief Networks (link to thesis: Read it here)

Combining her maths and engineering skills has seen Sophie: facilitate workshops, support strategic planning programmes, develop weather response models; provide technical review and validation of statistical model; determine the probability of observing matching patterns within a large messy data set and develop methodologies to combine errors across multistage processes.

When not analysing data and providing insights to clients, Sophie likes a bit of a challenge – which range from making perfect gluten free bread to training for a triathlon. Spare time is rarely spent idly.

Sophie’s Latest Posts

How to Claw Back Some Time.

Not so long ago I was fortunate enough to trial “no e-mail Friday” for the Institute of Directors. It had the immediate effect that it gave me time to focus on areas of the business which need thinking time, and also to just get work done without being disturbed. No e-mail Friday is still a…


Tips for navigating through curve balls.

The first half of the year has disappeared in a flash and at times it’s felt as though I’ve been pushing jelly up a hill with chopsticks. There have been times when I’ve been deeply frustrated, and all I’ve seen to have had to show for my effort is proverbial bits of jelly scattered in…


The Key to Consistency.

I seem to have spent the last few weeks just writing. This has given me both sympathy with all those who are sitting exams at moment and hand cramp. I still like to write by hand as not only is this the easiest option on a train (which increasingly seems to be the place where…


I love lists (and data!)

I love lists. In fact I’ve even been known to make lists of lists. Not only that, but if I complete a task and realise it was never on a list, I’ll put it on just so I can cross it off straight away. I’m not a psychologist, but I do know that having lists…


Reducing Canine Genetic Disease.

Read the article online here: Reducing Canine Genetic Disease Reducing Canine Genetic Disease – A pro bono OR project by Ian J Seath of and Dr Sophie Carr of for the Dachshund Breed Council. The article was published in the Operational Research Society’s Impact Magazine, Issue 5 (pages 22-25) and is available online…


Fish and stats.

Over the past year Keen Marine and Bays Consulting have been working together on a study to support evidence-based ecological decision-making. The UK coastal zone supports a high diversity of fish species, many of which are caught by commercial fisheries as well as individual fisherman. Overall, the total value of the shellfish industry to the…


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